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Public API Resources

The Cloud Manager Public API exposes the resources listed on this page.


Name Description
Root The starting point for the Cloud Manager Public API. From here, you can traverse the links to reach all other API resources.


Name Description
Hosts Retrieves and edits the MongoDB processes in your deployment.
Disks Retrieves the disks and disk partitions on which MongoDB runs. Available only on Automated deployments.
Databases Retrieves a host’s MongoDB databases.
Clusters Retrieves and edits the deployment’s replica sets and sharded clusters.

Measurements and Alerts

Name Description
Measurements Retrieves data points for your deployments.
Alerts Retrieves and acknowledges alerts.
Alert Configurations Retrieves and edits alert configurations, which define the conditions that trigger alerts and the methods of notification.
Maintenance Windows Turns off alert notifications for specified alert types for a period of time, to allow maintenance to occur.

Backup and Restore

Name Description
Backup Configurations Retrieves and edits the settings used to back up MongoDB.
Snapshot Schedule Retrieves and edits how often Cloud Manager captures snapshots and how long Cloud Manager retains them.
Snapshots Retrieves snapshot metadata and removes existing snapshots.
Checkpoints Retrieves checkpoint metadata.
Restore Jobs Retrieves and creates requests to restore your data to a previous state.


Name Description
Automation Configuration Retrieves and update the group’s automation configuration, which defines the deployment’s MongoDB processes and agents. Available only on Automated deployments.
Automation Status View the status of an updated automation configuration. Available only on Automated deployments.