Organization Programmatic API Key Whitelists

Base URL:

Use the /orgs/{ORG-ID}/apiKeys/{API-KEY-ID}/whitelist resource to view, create, or delete whitelist entries for a user or Programmatic API Key within the specified Cloud Manager organization.

The Organization API Key, or users with the Organization Owner role in the organization in which the API Key belongs, can access these endpoints.

Method Endpoint Description
GET /orgs/{ORG-ID}/apiKeys/{API-KEY-ID}/whitelist Get all whitelist entries that belong to {API-KEY-ID}.
GET /orgs/{ORG-ID}/apiKeys/{API-KEY-ID}/whitelist/{IP-ADDRESS} Get the whitelist entry for {API-KEY-ID} specified by {IP-ADDRESS}.
POST /orgs/{ORG-ID}/apiKeys/{API-KEY-ID}/whitelist Create one or more whitelist entries for {API-KEY-ID}.
DELETE /orgs/{ORG-ID}/apiKeys/{API-KEY-ID}/whitelist/{IP-ADDRESS} Delete the whitelist entry for {API-KEY-ID} specified by {IP-ADDRESS}.