Delete an Entry from a Whitelist

Base URL:


DELETE /users/{USER-ID}/whitelist/{IP-ADDRESS}
DELETE /api/public/v1.0/users/{USER-ID}/whitelist/{CIDR-BLOCK}


You cannot remove your current IP address from the whitelist.

Request Path Parameters

Parameter Required/Optional Description
userId Required User ID of the current user. To retrieve the ID of the current user, see Get All Users in a Group.
ipAddress Required unless you specify a cidrBlock. A whitelisted IP address that you want to remove from the whitelist for the specified user.
cidrBlock Required unless you specify an ipAddress. A CIDR-notated range of IP addresses. Entering gives unrestricted access to whitelisted operations.

Request Query Parameters

This endpoint does not use HTTP request query parameters.

Request Body Parameters

This endpoint does not use HTTP request body parameters.


This endpoint responds with an HTTP status code.

Example Request

curl -i -u "username:apiKey" --digest -X DELETE ""

Example Response

HTTP/1.1 200 OK