Firewall Configuration

Cloud Manager requires access on the following ports and whitelisted IP addresses.

Required Outbound Access

The agents connect to Cloud Manager on port 443. Whether you provision your servers on a cloud service provider or on your own network, configure your network infrastructure to allow outbound connections on port 443.

If you wish to restrict outbound access on port 443 to specific IP addresses, you must whitelist the following addresses and domains.

IP Addresses for GET and POST

Whitelist the following IP addresses:


This allows the agents to GET and POST to the and servers.

Domain for Download of MongoDB Binaries

The Automation Agents require outbound access to the following domains, depending on your MongoDB edition, for downloading MongoDB binaries:

MongoDB Edition Whitelist Domain IP Ranges Service Provider

IP ranges for CloudFront.

The IP ranges for CloudFront change frequently.

Amazon CloudFront
Custom Build of MongoDB URL accessible to the Automation Agent    

Required Inbound Access

Backup SCP Restores


Restore delivery via SCP has been removed as of March 27, 2018.

Required Ports on Your Network

All MongoDB processes in a deployment must be accessible to all Cloud Manager agents managing processes in that deployment. Therefore, all MongoDB ports must be open to every server that hosts an Automation, Monitoring or Backup Agent.


If you are running MongoDB processes on 27000, 27017 and 27020, then those three ports must be open from all servers that are hosting an Agent.