Cloud Manager Server Changelog

2019 Releases

29 May 2019 Release

13 May 2019 Release

  • The Monitoring and Backup Agent have been merged into the Automation Agent, which will now be known as the MongoDB Agent. Learn more about this change.
  • Enhanced left-hand navigations.
  • Agent Upgrade: MongoDB Agent

16 April 2019 Release

26 March 2019 Release

05 March 2019 Release

23 January 2019 Release

  • Improved Deployment: List view. Now shows automation status, easy individual process log collection, topological deployment grouping, and BI Connectors.
  • Adds support for IPv6 deployments.
  • Allows creation of API Keys that are scoped to an organization and are not tied to a human.
  • Credit cards will be authorized for a small amount ($1.00) to reduce the risk of failed charges.
  • Users can now remove themselves from a project.
  • Agent Upgrades: Automation Agent, Backup Agent, Monitoring Agent

03 January 2019 Release

2018 Releases

04 December 2018 Release

13 November 2018 Release

24 October 2018 Release

  • Can now manage deployments with FIPS mode enabled.
  • Can now create rolling indexes via Data Explorer.
  • Agent Upgrades: Automation Agent

04 October 2018 Release

11 September 2018 Release

  • Ubuntu 18.04 support for Automation, Backup, Monitoring Agents.
  • Public API: Ability to perform point in time automated restores.
  • Send project alert notifications to organization members by role.
  • Agent Upgrades: Automation Agent