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Cloud Manager Server Changelog

2021 Releases

13 July 2021 Release

  • Introduces the general availability of MongoDB 5.0, which includes support for:
    • Time Series collections,
    • Live Re-Sharding,
    • the Versioned API,
    • Client Side Field Level Encryption via AWS KMS, Google Cloud KMS and Azure Key Vault,
    • and more.
  • Updates MongoDB Agent to

23 June 2021 Release

11 May 2021 Release

30 March 2021 Release

09 March 2021 Release

17 February 2021 Release

  • Fixes a bug that ensures fixed ordering of index options for all nodes in a rolling index build.
  • Updates MongoDB Agent to

2020 Releases

23 November 2020 Release

  • Updates terminology for API Access List management. Introduces API Access List for Programmatic API Keys and deprecates API Whitelist.

04 November 2020 Release

12 August 2020 Release

30 July 2020 Release

  • Introduces general availability of MongoDB 4.4.

24 June 2020 Release

  • Supports WiredTiger checkpoint backups with encryption at rest in MongoDB 4.2 and later.
  • Updates MongoDB Agent to

21 April 2020 Release

31 March 2020 Release

  • Supports queryable backups for MongoDB 4.2.
  • Updates MongoDB Agent to

18 February 2020 Release

  • Supports “Click-to-Create” Index Suggestions in Performance Advisor.
  • Updates MongoDB Agent to

04 February 2020 Release

  • Supports using Google authentication for MongoDB Cloud user login.
  • Introduces a unified login experience for MongoDB Cloud, Support, JIRA, and Feedback.

2019 Releases

16 December 2019 Release

18 November 2019 Release

  • Enables API management for third party service integrations.
  • Removes Automation for MongoDB 3.2 clusters.
  • Introduces the humanReadable field to webhook alert notifications. This field contains a human-readable description of the alert.
  • Enhancements to index recommendations in Performance Advisor.
  • Agent Upgrade: MongoDB Agent

01 October 2019 Release

  • Enhances Integrations interface for third party services.
  • Introduces EU destination for Opsgenie integration.

10 September 2019 Release

  • MongoDB Cloud billing authenticates credit cards for customers in the European Economic Area in compliance with the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). To learn more about Strong Customer Authentication, see Strong Customer Authentication.
  • Agent Upgrade: MongoDB Agent

20 August 2019 Release

  • Supports MongoDB 4.2.

30 July 2019 Release

Disables the ability to create new Personal API Keys. These keys are deprecated. Use Programmatic API Keys to access the Cloud Manager API.

09 July 2019 Release

Unifies the login experience: accounts for MongoDB Cloud, Support, and JIRA use the same credentials.

11 June 2019 Release

29 May 2019 Release

13 May 2019 Release

  • The Monitoring and Backup Agent have been merged into the Automation Agent, which will now be known as the MongoDB Agent. Learn more about this change.
  • Enhanced left-hand navigations.
  • Agent Upgrade: MongoDB Agent

16 April 2019 Release

26 March 2019 Release

05 March 2019 Release

23 January 2019 Release

  • Improved Deployment: List view. Now shows automation status, easy individual process log collection, topological deployment grouping, and BI Connectors.
  • Adds support for IPv6 deployments.
  • Allows creation of API Keys that are scoped to an organization and are not tied to a human.
  • Credit cards will be authorized for a small amount ($1.00) to reduce the risk of failed charges.
  • Users can now remove themselves from a project.
  • Agent Upgrades: Automation Agent, Backup Agent, Monitoring Agent

03 January 2019 Release

2018 Releases

04 December 2018 Release

13 November 2018 Release

24 October 2018 Release

04 October 2018 Release

11 September 2018 Release

  • Ubuntu 18.04 support for Automation, Backup, Monitoring Agents.
  • Public API: Ability to perform point in time automated restores.
  • Send project alert notifications to organization members by role.
  • Agent Upgrades: Automation Agent