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Configure API Access

To access the Cloud Manager API using applications, generate an API key for your organization.

Personal API Key Deprecation

Cloud Manager deprecated Personal API Keys:

  • You can’t create new Personal API Keys.
  • Existing Personal API Keys continue to function.

API Keys can’t use the Cloud Manager Console

Organization-based API Keys aren’t associated with user credentials. You can’t use these API Keys to log in to the Cloud Manager console.


Enable API Whitelisting for Your Organization

For Cloud Manager users with a non-empty API whitelist, all API access must originate from a whitelisted IPv4 address. Ensure your configured whitelist entries provide appropriate coverage for all clients which require API access. An empty API whitelist grants access to all API endpoints except those that explicitly require whitelisting.

Cloud Manager supports requiring API whitelisting at the organization level, such that any API activity for all projects within that organization must originate from an entry on each respective Cloud Manager user’s API whitelist. For organizations that require API whitelisting, Cloud Manager users cannot access any API operations until they define at least one API whitelist entry.

To require an API whitelist for an Organization:

  1. Log into Cloud Manager.
  2. Access the Organization using the Context picker in the top-left hand corner of the Cloud Manager UI.
  3. Click Settings from the left hand navigation.
  4. Toggle the Require IP Whitelist for Public API setting to On.

Manage Access to the API

You can set API Keys for an entire organization or project.