Back up a Deployment


You can choose to back up all databases and collections on the deployment or specific ones.


Only sharded clusters or replica sets can be backed up. To back up a standalone mongod process, you must convert it to a single-member replica set.

Unique Names for Deployment Items

Ensure your deployment items have unique names before creating backups.


Replica set, sharded cluster, and shard names within the same project must be unique. Failure to have unique names for the deployments will result in broken backup snapshots.


  • For a Replica Set:
    • Cloud Manager must be monitoring the deployment.
    • It must run MongoDB version 2.6 or later.
    • It must have an active primary node.
  • For a Sharded Cluster:
    • Cloud Manager must be monitoring the deployment, including at least one mongos in the cluster.
    • It must run MongoDB version 2.6 or later.
    • All config servers must be running. The config server mongod processes must be started with either the --configsvr command line option or the { "clusterRole": "configsvr" } setting in the mongod configuration file.
    • The balancing round must be able to complete in less than one hour.
  • The MongoDB version must meet the minimum compatibility.
  • Decide how to back up the data and what data to back up. See the Backup Preparations.



Click Backup.

If you have not yet enabled Cloud Manager Backup, click Begin Setup and complete the wizard. This results in a completed backup setup, so you can skip the rest of this procedure.


Start backing up the process.

From the list of processes, navigate to the Status column for the process you want to back up and click Start.


In the Start Backup sidebar, configure the backup source and storage engine.

Menu Possible Values Default Value
Sync source
  • Any secondary (Ops Manager chooses)
  • Any specific secondary
  • The primary node

any secondary

Using a secondary is preferred because it minimizes performance impact on the primary.

Storage Engine
  • MongoDB Memory Mapped Files or

  • WiredTiger.

    If you select this option, Cloud Manager can only back up deployments with fewer than 100,000 collections.

See the considerations in Storage Engines.

Same storage engine as the primary node of the database being backed up.

If the deployment is not under Automation and requires authentication, specify the authentication mechanism and credentials.

Specify the following, as appropriate:

Auth Mechanism

The authentication mechanism the host uses.

The options are:

DB Username

For Username/Password or LDAP authentication, the username used to authenticate the Backup to the MongoDB deployment.

See Configure Backup Agent for Authentication or Configure Backup Agent for LDAP Authentication.

DB Password For Username/Password or LDAP authentication, the password used to authenticate the Backup to the MongoDB deployment.
Allows SSL for connections

If checked, the Backup uses SSL to connect to MongoDB.

See Configure Backup Agent for SSL.


Exclude certain databases and collections from the backup (Optional).

To exclude certain databases and collections, click Advanced Settings and then Blacklist. Enter the databases and collections to exclude. For collections, enter the full namespace: <database>.<collection>.


Click Start.