Groups are now projects.

In Cloud Manager, MongoDB deployments are associated with projects.

You can create multiple projects in an organization. Each project has its own Monitoring, Backup and Automations associated with the project. Projects within the same organization share the same billing settings.

Working with Multiple Environments

For a project, the Monitoring must be able to connect to all hosts it monitors. If you have multiple MongoDB deployments in distinct environments and cannot monitor all deployments with a single agent (for instance, if your environments are separated by firewalls), you will need to add new projects.

You can also use multiple projects and agents if you want to separately monitor different MongoDB deployments that run in the same environment.

Create a Project


  • To create a project for an organization, you must be either an Organization Owner or an Organization Project Creator.
  • When you create a project, you are added as an Project Owner of the project.
  • When you create a project, Cloud Manager automatically assigns a set of default alert configurations to the project



Add new project to an organization.

In the Context, either:

  1. Select the organization for which you wish to create a project and then select + New Project, or
  2. Select + New Project to create a project for the current organization.

Select either Cloud Manager or MongoDB Atlas and click Next.

For more information on MongoDB Atlas, see


Enter a name for the Project.

If you selected an MongoDB Atlas project, enter a name for the Organization.


Add members to your project.

For existing Cloud Manager users, enter their username. Usually, this is the email the person used to register.

For new Cloud Manager users, enter their email address to send an invitation.


Specify the access for the members.


Click Create Project.

Delete a Project


Deleting a project removes all the project’s artifacts, including all monitoring data. Cloud Manager no longer displays the project in selection lists.

You can delete a project if:



In the Context, select the project’s organization to view the organization’s Projects.


Delete the project

Click the trash icon button for the project you wish to delete.


Continue by clicking Delete Project

If prompted for authentication, enter the verification code. After verifying, click Delete Project again.


Click Done.

Cloud Manager deletes the project, and users no longer have access to it.


Stop the Cloud Manager agents.

Agent Procedure
Automations Stop the agent’s process on each server.
Monitoring See Stop the Monitoring Agent and Remove Monitoring Agents from Cloud Manager.
Backup See Stop the Backup Agent and Remove the Backup Agent from Cloud Manager.

Additional Information

Use the following procedures to modify projects: