Manage Cloud Manager Users

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Cloud Manager users provide access to Cloud Manager groups. You can create a new user in a group to give access to that group. You can later give the user access to additional groups. When you create a user, you assign the user a role in the group. A role determines the actions the user can perform and the data the user can access.


Add Users


Click Users.


Click the Add User button.


Enter the new user’s email address and role.

You can optionally enter a JIRA username instead of an email address.


Click Add/Invite.


If prompted, enter the two-factor verification code.

There might be a delay of a few seconds before you receive the prompt. Cloud Manager will prompt you for a two-factor verification code if you have not verified recently.


Click the Send Email Invitation button.

If the console finds a connected Jira account, Cloud Manager will automatically add the user to your Jira group and the Cloud Manager console.

Users can also create accounts using the account registration page, or through Jira at


If you create an account in Jira or make any changes to that account from within Jira, it can take up to 30 minutes for that change to propagate to Cloud Manager. During this window you cannot add a user to a group in Cloud Manager. Also, passwords changed in Jira are subject to the same propagation delay for Cloud Manager accounts.

View Cloud Manager Users

To view users, click Settings, then Users. The page lists users who have access to your Cloud Manager group, their roles, their time zones, and other information. The page also lists any invitations to join the group waiting for a reply, as well as any requests from users who want to join the group. A user can request to join a group when first registering for Cloud Manager.

View Invitations

When you invite a user to join a group, Cloud Manager then sends an email to the prospective new user. To view invitations sent but not yet accepted, click Settings, then Users. The page lists any users with pending invitations. To cancel an invitation, click Cancel Invite.

Remove Cloud Manager Users

Cloud Manager won’t let you delete the last user in a group. You must instead delete the group. Deleting the group will delete the group’s users. Cloud Manager also won’t let you delete a user who is the only user with the Owner role for the group. You must first assign the role to at least one other user before deleting the original user.


Click Users.


Click the trash can icon to the right of the user.


Click the user’s gear icon and select Delete User.

Assign Roles to Cloud Manager Users

Assign roles to Cloud Manager users to limit the actions they can perform and the data they can view.

To assign roles to users in a group, you must have either the User Admin role or Owner role in the group. The user who creates a group automatically has the Owner role.

To assign roles inside of Cloud Manager, click Settings, then Users. Click the user’s gear icon and select Edit User. Click the appropriate checkboxes to assign roles.