Host MappingsΒΆ

Cloud Manager generates a list of host mappings when you create or import a new deployment for monitoring using information provided by each host. Cloud Manager regularly pings the monitored hosts and regenerates the entries on the Host Mappings page after each ping. Mappings are displayed in rows with the preferred hostname on the left and an alias on the right. A preferred hostname may have multiple aliases. Depending on the information Cloud Manager obtains from a monitored host, an alias appears in one of the following forms:

  • Fully qualifed domain name (FQDN)
  • Internal hostname
  • External IP address
  • Internal IP address


If you specify a fully qualifed domain name for a host when you create or import a new deployment for monitoring, Cloud Manager will include the FQDN on the Host Mappings page even if the newly monitored host itself does not provide this information.

The preferred hostname also appears in the Name column of the Deployment page. If you want a different preferred hostname than chosen by Cloud Manager, you can regenerate the list of mappings in one of the following ways:


Resetting duplicates and setting constraints on the selection of a preferred hostname cause Cloud Manager to lose the monitoring history for affected hosts. Chart data based on this history is also lost.