Remove Project from Automation

When the Cloud Manager Free Trial period expires, Cloud Manager Automation is disabled for your Cloud Manager Projects. As Automation no longer manages your MongoDB processes, you need to remove your MongoDB processes from Automation and configure them to use Monitoring and Backup without Automation.


If you choose to stop using Cloud Manager Automation for a project, Cloud Manager will continue to monitor the project’s deployments but will track metrics at a less granular level and store metrics for a shorter period.

To instead unmanage individual deployments and still use Automation for the project, see Stop Managing and/or Monitoring One Deployment.

To stop using Automation with your Projects, you should:


Click Deployment, then the Processes tab, then the List view.


Unmanage the desired MongoDB processes.

  1. Click ellipsis h icon menu in the card for the deployment you want to remove from Automation.
  2. Select Suspend Automation.