Remove a Group


Removing a group deletes all the group’s artifacts, including all user and monitoring data. Cloud Manager no longer displays the group in selection lists.

You can remove a group if:

  • You have the Owner role for the group.
  • The group has no outstanding invoices.
  • The group has no backups. To terminate your backups prior to removing the group, see Terminate a Deployment’s Backups.

Remove a Group


Click Settings, then Billing/Subscriptions.


Click Close Group.


Click Close Group again.

If prompted for authentication, enter the verfication code and click Close Group again.


Click Done.

Cloud Manager deletes the group, and users no longer have access to it.


Stop the Cloud Manager agents.

Agent Procedure
Automation Agents Stop the agent’s process on each server.
Monitoring Agent See Stop the Monitoring Agent and Remove Monitoring Agents from Cloud Manager.
Backup Agent See Stop the Backup Agent and Remove the Backup Agent from Cloud Manager.