Restore a Completed Snapshot

To restore a snapshot, the Backup Daemon creates and displays a download link in Cloud Manager to the appropriate snapshot in snapshot storage.

After clicking the download link, Cloud Manager streams the snapshot to the target snapshot host.

  1. The user selects a snapshot:
    • Through the Cloud Manager application:
      1. Click on a snapshot.
      2. Submit their request.
    • Through the API:
      1. Find the cluster to restore.
      2. Create new Restore Job for that cluster.
  2. Cloud Manager creates a RestoreJob document.
  3. The Backup Daemon service picks up the RestoreJob document and sets the status of this RestoreJob document to Waiting for Customer….
  4. With the status set to Waiting for Customer…, Cloud Manager creates a URL.
  5. The user clicks the get link link, then Download in the Cloud Manager application to download the snapshot.
  6. Cloud Manager sets the RestoreJob document status to Transferring… and starts streaming the snapshot in the requested format from the Snapshot Store to the target snapshot host. Each Snapshot Store streams its snapshot components through Cloud Manager:
    1. A Blockstore streams Blocks.
    2. A S3 Snapshot Store streams the Blocks.
    3. A File System Store streams the Files.